Friday, June 13, 2008

Okay. I was doing it at the Sup Utara Restaurant. So????
It was a sketch of a Chief Devils's costume for the opening act of the 2008 YT (Youth Transformation). unfortunately the act was cancled due to sm reason.. I was all ready to make that costume a real one..
For all of ya; for ur infomation...Im available when u need my help in creating such (above) costume. Maybe something more exagerrated or simpler...Fantasy-like for a cosplay. Or fun. Just e-mail me at


AZFAR: the blog!! ketum...? said...

prinses... bacalah blog i... ni ketum lahhhh...
cantiknye sketchhhhh!

elcynthia said...

SAISE>>> congratulation on your award!! Make me oso proud! hohoho!!!