Friday, June 13, 2008

Okay. I was doing it at the Sup Utara Restaurant. So????
It was a sketch of a Chief Devils's costume for the opening act of the 2008 YT (Youth Transformation). unfortunately the act was cancled due to sm reason.. I was all ready to make that costume a real one..
For all of ya; for ur infomation...Im available when u need my help in creating such (above) costume. Maybe something more exagerrated or simpler...Fantasy-like for a cosplay. Or fun. Just e-mail me at

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hitting The New World

All those freakin' days are finally OVER!!!!!
5 years back, i remember the day when i first set my feet on the Peninsular of Malaysia with a damn good purpose (I have been to KL several times but with other purpose = cuci mata that is) .... I know and I knew I was sooooo timid with all these new challenges. I hardly spoke with other students during the orientation days. Do u know y? I could not speak the local dialect properly. I know it wasn't about the language (hell, we all speak Malay mah!!). But whenever I open my precious mouth and ask " Hai...nama saya Prinses . Apa nama KAU?" Wooohoooo people stared man. I mean, they really stared!!!
Einstein's theory of time; time is relative. I believed so does human. Human is relative. Correct me there, human's perception! Perception of others. Other's dialects, for example. I am not offending any other dialects okay, but I think we should OPEN our thiny tiny little BRAIN and start to appreciate and please lah, UNDERSTAND each other. One speaks English language doesn't make him or her an Englishmen. One eats banana doesn't make him or her part of Darwin's relative kan??? Ahaha. One speaks Malay doesn't make him or her a Malay. It will only make one a Malaysian. Titik.
Ah....I experienced those myself. I was so afraid that I would forgot how to speak Sabahan dialect if I follow the flow of the people in Semenanjung. But hey, that would never change the fact that I am a Sabahan girl..:-) So why was I so afraid? Alah, just make sure if u enter the kandang lembu you "MOOOO" and when u return to the kandang ayam just get ready to be slaughtered! AHAKS!
Before I nag nag nag nag and NAAAAG, I would like to emphasize that this is just the beginning...I was being introvert enough during university time and I truly regret that. I am still adjusting myself in exposing ME in this blog. In the future, I will paint this BIG ROOM with lots of unexpected stuff, so help me out here!!!!! Roger and Out! Luv u guys!